• Raj Comics was founded in 1984 by Raj Kumar Gupta and Manoj Gupta with the release of Kanakpuri Ki Rajkumari.

  • The first issue of Nagraj was released in 1986 and it became India's #1 Superhero.

  • In 1987, Super Commando Dhruva was released and it quickly became popular amongst young readers.

  • In the following, some of the release of best selling comics of all time were published which sold over 1 Million copies each.

  • In a short span of time, Raj Comics established itself as the Home of Indian Superheroes with a universe of 1000s of characters.

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  • Raj Kumar Gupta

    The Founder, the all-father of Indian Superheroes.

  • Manoj Gupta

    The Visionary, the creater of Raj Comics Universe.

  • Meenu Gupta

    The Ingenious, a national award winning writer and editor.

  • Ayush Gupta

    The Imaginative, head of design and marketing and a budding writer.

  • Anupam Sinha

    The Legend, a master illustrator and author.

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